Commercial Medical Furniture From Steelcase | KR Office Interiors Bozeman Montana

Published: October 20th, 2021
Author: Megan Bittinger

Megan from KR Office Interiors describes two pieces in this weeks video from Steelcase commercial medical furniture line. The Pocket mobile work station and the Verge stool.


Pocket is the mobile worksurface that supports connected care, from task to task and space to space. It moves with clinicians to bring people, tools and technology together, wherever they’re needed.


Small in scale with smooth gliding casters, Pocket moves easily and quietly, even in tight spaces. Pocket is intentionally simple so that it works with changing technology and procedures for a long, useful life. It is also one of the most flexible pieces with it's abundant magnetic accessories.


Two-way learning is essential for effective healthcare. With eye-to-eye seating, clinicians can easily connect to patients and family members to ensure important information is shared, understood and factored into decisions about care.


The Verge stool offers a convenient, comfortable and quick place to sit for eye-to-eye conversations and care procedures in exam and treatment areas. As a desk- or counter-height seat, it supports comfort and collaboration in clinician workspaces.


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Commercial Medical Furniture From Steelcase | KR Office Interiors Bozeman Montana


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