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Five Questions We Ask Before Designing Your Office Space | KR Office Interiors | Bozeman, MT
This week Megan with KR Office interiors tells us about the 5 questions you'll be asked when planning a new office space. From how much space do you have, to what is on your wish list KR makes sure you get the office you've always wanted!

Brody Private Lounge Desk System | Helena College Re-design | KR Office Interiors
Have a need for quiet individual study? How about comfortable work spaces that can be joined for collaboration? Look no further than The Brody WorkLounge and Desk from Steelcase! KR Office Interiors implemented these into the Helena College student area and Library this last week!

Office Storage For Any Application | KR Office Interiors | Bozeman Montana
Storage, storage, and more storage! Feeling like you need to do some organizing or stow away some of that clutter? KR Office Interiors has you covered! Amber takes us around a tour of the office with all things storage!

Steelcase Bivi Desk System | KR Office Interiors | Bozeman, Montana
Megan Bittinger with KR Office Interiors describes the Bivi Desk System from Steelcase. The Bivi Desk System provides a unique look to any office space and can create a fresh look for your business.

Partnering With Local Business | Best Rate Towing | Amber KR Office Interiors
This week Amber discusses how they move the KR Office Interiors forklift from site to site with the help of Best Rate Towing and Repair!

Steelcase Series 2 Chair with Lumbar Support | KR Office Interiors Southwest Montana
Are you in need of an office chair that looks and feels great? Look no further than the Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair. Steelcase have really outdone themselves with this design. They've taken the best features from two previous office chairs and put them into one.

Create A Unique Space With Modular Furniture | Umami Lounge System
Megan Bittinger with KR Office Interiors details all there is to offer in this product demo for the Umami Lounge System. The individual components of the Umami Lounge System allow you to instantly change an office space. Bring a unique perspective to your office!

Personalize Your Office Furniture With Color, Fun Patterns, Different Textures
What is the difference between a boring office and a really cool office? It all lies in finishes! We love color here at KR. Anytime you come into our office, you are going to see chairs that are colored in bright orange, bright green, bright blue with fun patterns and different textures.

Covid-19 Barriers in the Office | Stay Safe in Your Work Environment
Megan and Amber tell us all about the Covid-19 barriers that KR Office Interiors offers to keep your workspace safe!

Aspekt Hospital or Patient Room Furniture | KR Office Interiors, Helena, MT
Great looking furniture fit for a patients room! Carmon with KR Office Interiors showcases the Aspekt line from Steelcase.

Steelcase Mitra Reclining Chair | KR Office Interiors, Helena, MT
In need of a chair that not only provides phenomenal comfort but brings eye catching design to your space? Then the Mitra Recliner from Steelcase is for you!

Office Expansion | Part 3 | KR Office Interiors, Bozeman, MT
Megan walks us through the final part of this 3 part series showing the expansion process of a company in Bozeman Montana.

Office Expansion Moving Furniture | Part 2 | KR Office Interiors, Bozeman, MT
Amber and the KR Office Interiors team are back for Part 2 of this 3 part project.

Office Furniture Tear Down | Part 1 of Office Re-Design | KR Office Interiors, Bozeman, MT
Amber and the KR Office Interiors team got together to begin Part 1 of this 3 part project.

QtPro Sound Masking System | KR Office Interiors, Bozeman, MT
Too much noise going on in the office? We can help! Using the QtPro sound masking system from Steelcase we are able to reduce office noise and help you get back to focusing on your work!

Steelcase Thread Power Grid System | KR Office Interiors
Do you have an open setting away from walled electrical outlets? With the Thread system from Steelcase we can bring the power to you!

Office Marker Boards | Write Notes, Track Projects Easier
Marker boards can be used throughout the office space in both collaborative spaces and in private offices. Marker boards allow projects to be tracked easier and to quickly write down notes without having to use notebooks all the time.

Office Design and Installation for Armory Building | Helena, MT
We help businesses large and small with their office needs! Check out how Jim Quinn and the KR Office Interiors Team helped create a functional and good looking layout for this networking team!

Big Sky Youth Empowerment | Office Furniture Selections
KR Office Interiors helped design, order and install office furniture for Big Sky Youth Empowerment located in Bozeman, Montana. The non-profit required a number of different types of commercial furniture.

Verb Desk Social Distancing Solution | Great Design While Keeping Covid in Mind
Need a social distancing solution without sacrificing good looking design? Aimee and Carmon are here to help you discover great solutions like the Verb Desk!

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