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Desk Power Accessories | Outlets and USB Plug-Ins
Need better power options at your office desk? Check out these best desk power options we offer: FlexCharge Powerhub to provide wireless phone charging, Desk Clamp Power Strip to provide more outlets and USB plugs, and Table Top Power Pods.

Marien152 Guest Chair by Steelcase
This week Amber with KR Office Interiors shows us the Marien152 guest chair by Steelcase. This chair provides comfortability to guests while still being aesthetically appealing to your commercial office setting.

Steelcase Think Chair | The Chair That Adapts to You
Having a tough time finding the right chair for you? The Steelcase Think chair adapts to you! The unique weight based system offers each individual a comfortable experience!

Steelcase Gesture Chair | 9 Working Postures
The Steelcase Gesture office chair redefines the relationship between you and your desk chair. Voted best office chair, its 360-degree arms, contoured back and adjustments are designed for all the ways technology shapes your posture.

Iron Age Furniture | Ambient Air Office Tour
Ambient Air Solutions has built an incredible new office in Bozeman and we were able to meet their needs with a new look from Iron Age Office Furniture. Check out the tour as Megan walks you around the offices.

Outdoor Office Furniture | KR Office Interiors
We've got Amber Bailey with KR Office Interiors giving us a sample of outdoor furniture in this weeks video! While Spring is taking it's time getting here we can gear up for nicer weather by expanding our office spaces to the outdoors! For any of your office furniture needs including outdoor pieces, be sure to give KR

Steelcase Leap Chair | Most Adjustable Office Chair
We're back with a detailed look at the Leap Chair by Steelcase! This chair has a reputation for being one of their most adjustable chairs and Amber with KR Office Interiors is ready to show you why. For any of your office chair or furniture needs be sure to give us a call or stop on by, we'd love to find something to f

Gallatin Valley Land Trust Lounge Area Design
Have a unique office space that you're unsure how to deal with? KR Office Interiors has you covered! Join Megan at Gallatin Valley Land Trust as she shows us how KR Office Interiors utilized their unique entryway space to make an efficient and aesthetically pleasing reception area!

Supplying Lounge Furniture for JLF Architects Waiting Area
Megan Bittinger with KR Office Interiors showcases the Millbrae lounge chair and Holy Day coffee table by Coalesse. KR Office Interiors can help with all office spaces of varying sizes. JLF Architects needed help with their waiting area and we had the perfect solution.

Modular Coffee Table | Sebastopol Coalesse Furniture | KR Office Interiors
Ever have trouble finding the perfect shape for a coffee table in your office space? Well Megan with KR Office Interiors has a perfect solution for you with the Sebastopol multi-configurable coffee table from Coalesse by Steelcase. Check out all the unique configurations this table can be put into in our latest video!

Steelcase Shortcut Chair by Turnstone | Office Chair Furniture
Amber shows off the versatility of the Turnstone Shortcut Chair in this weeks video! The Shortcut Chair can be applied to a variety of office spaces including bar heights, desk heights, classroom applications and it even comes in a wide range of bases and colors!

New Office Furniture For Thrives New Building | KR Office Interiors Bozeman
Helping Thrive with their new building was a large and complicated challenge but KR Office Interiors was certainly up to the challenge! Join our very own Megan Bittinger as she takes us on a tour of all the ways we helped Thrive in their new space!

KR Office Interiors Blooper Reel | 2022 Bozeman Montana Office Furniture Retailer Outtakes
We make a ton of videos and we're bound to mess up a take or two...or eight! KR Office Interiors in Bozeman and Helena Montana sells some of the highest quality office furniture available.

KR Office Interiors Holiday Fun | Office Sledding Party
You may have figured out that we here at KR Office Interiors like to have fun during the holidays! This year is no different as the KR team banded together to enjoy some sledding and friendly competition. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, enjoy!

Security Title Company of Montana Office Space Design
We tackle projects big and small and sometimes over several years! Megan Bittinger and the KR Office Interiors team have been working with Security Title Company of Montana for a few years both in their previous building and now their new one! Follow Megan on a tour of some of their new offices and guest spaces!

Amber Bailey | KR Office Interiors | Operations Manager
Our very own Amber Bailey takes the spotlight! Learn a bit more about KR Office Interiors Operations Manager. Amber started with KR in 2016 and she's been helping us out ever since with everything from driving our forklift to keeping the business day to day running!

Paper Table | Draw Directly on The Table Surface | KR Office Interiors
Ever doodle on a napkin with a colleague to get an idea in your head onto paper? The Steelcase Paper Table by Turnstone might just be what you need to complete your office setting. With a sticky-note like option or glass top and dry erase markers, the paper table can help teams or individuals visualize their ideas!

Get Up & Stand Now | "Shout" Parody | Height Adjustable Desks
The KR Office Interiors team is back with another musical parody! This go around we are less focused on chairs and sitting and more focused on standing and height adjustable desks! So laugh with us as we get excited to jump up and stand now with height adjustable desks!

In Depth Look at Ambers Office Space | Mixing Old & New
Look at how our operations manager Amber Bailey integrated both old and new elements into her office! Amber and her office dog Guinness show us how you can incorporate older furniture with a new office space.

Privacy Screens and Partitions For Any Office Space
This week Megan came back to Montana State University to show off how KR Office interiors helped with one of the study halls at MSU, providing Turnstone Campfire privacy screens and partitions by Steelcase.


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