Gallatin Valley Land Trust Lounge Area Design

Published: March 16, 2023
Author: Megan Bittinger

Have a unique office space that you're unsure how to deal with? KR Office Interiors has you covered! Join Megan at Gallatin Valley Land Trust as she shows us how KR Office Interiors utilized their unique entryway space to make an efficient and aesthetically pleasing reception area! For privacy and flexibility Megan chose to utilize Steelcase Answer Panels. The Steelcase Answer Panel system allows users to adapt to any office space easily and efficiently. Steelcase Answer Panel Systems are designed to create spaces within open floor plans that help organizations balance collaboration and privacy, support mobility, and optimize real estate through the broadest range of applications with flexibility to adapt as your organization’s needs shift. The Answer panel frame supports extensive integration of storage and work surfaces to efficiently support you and your work in exactly the footprint you need. The panels also support the creation and sharing of analog and digital content on writable surfaces and integrated monitors. The system includes extensive support of power and data routing and access for individual workstations as well as collaborative spaces. This flexibility was perfect for Montana Land Trusts entryway/lounge area. Combined with an L-Shaped height adjustable desk and Steelcase Office Chair, KR Office Interiors was able to get Montana Land Trust the perfect layout for their space.

Gallatin Valley Land Trust Lounge Area Design


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