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Steelcase Shortcut Chair by Turnstone | Office Chair Furniture
Amber shows off the versatility of the Turnstone Shortcut Chair in this weeks video! The Shortcut Chair can be applied to a variety of office spaces including bar heights, desk heights, classroom applications and it even comes in a wide range of bases and colors!

KR Office Interiors Blooper Reel | 2022 Bozeman Montana Office Furniture Retailer Outtakes
We make a ton of videos and we're bound to mess up a take or two...or eight! KR Office Interiors in Bozeman and Helena Montana sells some of the highest quality office furniture available.

Steelcase Office Furniture Obstacle Course!
Do you all remember the Buoy games!? Megan and I had not had our fill of competition so we raced to the finish line in our office obstacle course. See if Megan can retain her title as office games champion!

Steelcase Move Chairs and Potrero Tables for MSU Art Hall
Spring is here and everything is such a vibrant green! Speaking of vibrant colors have you seen the move chairs by Steelcase? Megan shows us KR Office Interiors newest addition to MSU!

New Office Space | Megan Bittingers Redesigned Office
We are always discussing other projects and featured Steelcase products but what about our own offices? Megan Bittinger with KR Office Interiors shows us her new office in this weeks video!

Steelcase Tents Collection | Private Office Spaces
Steelcase Tents provide everything from simple boundaries to full enclosures, KR Office Interiors can help create your perfect office space.

Creating New Office Spaces For The Family Promise Building In Bozeman Montana
Megan Bittinger with KR Office Interiors shows us how the team helped Family Promise of Gallatin Valley with designing their new office space!

Four Ways To Work In Your Office | KR Office Interiors Bozeman Montana
One of the most common new years resolutions to become healthier, and one of the ways you can work on your health is by taking a look at how you work in your office space. Megan Bittenger with KR Office Interiors gives us four ways you can work in your office space!

MSU Romney Hall Renovation
Have you guys seen the newly renovated Romney Hall at MSU?! KR Office Interiors gives a inside look of all the work that we helped with in this project! If you or someone you know needs help with their office space be sure to give us a call!

Steelcase Bouy Stools | 2021 Buoy Games | KR Office Interiors
Hello and welcome to the first ever BUOY GAMES! Megan and Amber compete in several categories showing that the Buoy from Steelcase is not only a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece for any office but that it can be loads of fun too!

Office Chair Demo Program | Try Any Chair At Your Office For A Full Workday
KR Office Interiors offers a chair demo program that gives you the ability to try a chair out for longer than five minutes. Check out this quick video showing how KR Office Interiors can cure your bad office chair syndrome.

Helena College Project | Classroom Space Design | KR Office Interiors
Carmon Bunker with KR Office Interiors shows a bit of one of their most recent projects at the Helena College with Verb tables from Steelcase and chairs from OM Seating. KR Office can help you design your office, order the products for your space, and finally install it all for you. No matter your project big or small

New Office Furniture Bozeman | AMQ Chairs | KR Office Interiors
Amber and Megan showcase some new chairs from AMQ! Featuring the Tizu, Zilo, Jaku, and Siya office chairs! Watch the video to see which one best suits your needs.

Bozeman Office Moved to Yellowstone Commercial Center
We've moved our Bozeman office!! As of August 1st, 2021 you can now find us in the Yellowstone Commercial Center which is just south of the interstate off of the airport exit. Our address is 76 Eldorado Lane Suite A, Belgrade, MT 59714.

Coalesse Bix and Sidewalk Lounge Chairs
Last week we introduced some lounge chair options for your office and this week we bring two more! The Bix lounge chair is part of the Bix lounge system by Coalesse. Create lounge-based work settings that host teams and technology in comfort. Bix Lounge System with optional back screen creates space division while keep

Smith System School Furniture
At KR Office Interiors we strive to bring innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs to any space. This month in honor of teacher appreciation week we are focusing solely on educational furniture and learning environments.

Let's Talk About Chairs | Get the Chair You Want For Your Office
Let's Talk About Chairs, Chairs, and more Chairs. We offer one of the largest selections of office chairs in all of Montana and can help you get the style, comfort, and size that best fits you. We like to have fun in our office so check out this parody video where guess what? We Talk About Chairs!

Chair Demo Program | Try Before You Buy
With our chair demo program you are able to try before you buy! Amber explains in this weeks video how you can experience a chair for a full work day before you purchase it! If this sounds interesting to you be sure to connect with us and we will be happy to help you out!

Simplify With Storage | Organizing Your Office Space
Feeling disorganized? Like you need to clear the clutter in your office? In serious need of some spring cleaning? Then give KR Office Interiors a call!

Five Questions We Ask Before Designing Your Office Space
This week Megan with KR Office interiors tells us about the 5 questions you'll be asked when planning a new office space. From how much space do you have, to what is on your wish list KR makes sure you get the office you've always wanted!


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