Steelcase Shortcut Chair by Turnstone | Office Chair Furniture

Published: February 10, 2023
Author: Amber Bailey

Amber shows off the versatility of the Turnstone Shortcut Chair in this weeks video! The Shortcut Chair can be applied to a variety of office spaces including bar heights, desk heights, classroom applications and it even comes in a wide range of bases and colors!


Turnstone Shortcut Chair by Steelcase: Designed for quick sits between meetings, its generous, easy-in, easy-out seat keeps busy teams moving forward. Steelcase Shortcut Chairs make it easy to personalize your space with simple and aesthetically pleasing style.


With a variety of bases to choose from including X base, stool, and more, the Shortcut chair brings an elevated design aesthetic to any space, from conference rooms to casual lounge areas or training spaces. With a flexible back, optional abbreviated elbow rests that stay out of the way and a modern metal base, the Shortcut Chair is the perfect piece for any office space!

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Steelcase Shortcut Chair by Turnstone | Office Chair Furniture


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