Four Ways To Work In Your Office | KR Office Interiors Bozeman Montana

Four Ways To Work In Your Office | KR Office Interiors Bozeman Montana

Published: January 27, 2022
Author: Megan Bittinger

One of the most common new years resolutions to become healthier, and one of the ways you can work on your health is by taking a look at how you work in your office space. Megan Bittenger with KR Office Interiors gives us four ways you can work in your office space!


The most common posture is sitting. Sitting is comfortable and is requires the least amount of additional equipment, you need a proper chair and a desk at an appropriate height. 


Second is standing, standing can be a great way to get some blood pumping and stretch out during those long shifts. KR Office Interiors in both Bozeman and Helena can help provide you with office spaces that accommodate both sit and standing postures with a variable height desk.


Third is walking. KR Office Interiors would provide you with a treadmill underneath your desk that you can walk at a comfortable pace to get some light exercise in while you work.


Lastly is lounge seating, lounge is a more comfortable seat and allows your workers a break from the standard options. It is a great feature in any office and allows you to relax while catching up on emails or having a meeting.


KR Office interiors can provide you with options for any of the four options listed above to make your office space exactly what you want! 


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