Security Title Company of Montana Office Space Design

Published: November 18th, 2022
Author: Megan Bittinger

We tackle projects big and small and sometimes over several years! Megan Bittinger and the KR Office Interiors team have been working with Security Title Company of Montana for a few years both in their previous building and now their new one! Follow Megan on a tour of some of their new offices and guest spaces!


Some of the featured furniture pieces in the video include Systema lounge systems from coalesce, Steelcase Baseline Table, Groupwork Tables, Monterra Cafe Chairs, Amia, Series 1 & 2 Steelcase chairs, different desk layouts, mobile drawer pedestals, Steelcase Leap Chairs, and Answer Panels! So many different pieces of office furniture went into this project, it was great to see it all come together!


Systema Lounge Systems From Coalesce: The biggest benefit of the Systema Lounge system from Coalesce is the variety of options you get when using their furniture options. For Security Title Company of Montanas lounge we were able to provide two-fabric lounge seats with wood arm rests that brought some  uniqueness to their space.


Steelcase Baseline Table: The Steelcase baseline table is fantastic for bringing spaces together that are difficult to match as the base and the table top come separate. This way any space you have you can match easily as the table base will work with any table top you need.


Steelcase Series 1 & 2 Chairs: Steelcase Series 2 features a signature Air LiveBack® technology, which works through an innovative geometric design that provides sophisticated support. The specially engineered wave pattern is scaled to provide support for each part of the spine, allowing it to flex in multiple dimensions to create responsive, personalized comfort and fit.


Additionally, the height-adjustable lumbar, responsive back tension, 4D adjustable arms, and adaptive seat bolstering ensure continuous comfort and ergonomic support.


Answer Panels: Are a great way to create multiple office spaces throughout a room. For Security title company of Montana we provided the option for glass panels on top to allow natural light into each space making a more inviting work station.


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Security Title Company of Montana Office Space Design


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