Get Up & Stand Now | "Shout" Parody | Height Adjustable Desks

Published: October 7, 2022
Author: Amber Bailey

The KR Office Interiors team is back with another musical parody! This go around we are less focused on chairs and sitting and more focused on standing and height adjustable desks! So laugh with us as we get excited to jump up and stand now with height adjustable desks!


Height adjustable desks and sit/stand workstations are great for providing office workers a way to combat pro-long periods of sitting. Standing while working is extremely beneficial towards health and can be a great way to change up your day to regain focus. Some solutions KR Office Interiors provides through our vendor Steelcase are the Solo Sit-Stand Desk, Flex Height Adjustable Desk, and the Slim Leg Height Adjustable Desk.


Solo Sit-Stand Desk: Is designed to support workers dynamically at the home or small office, Solo comes with just the essentials. Sitting. Standing. Simplified. Every aspect of Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk was designed to promote movement and wellbeing, including the Simple Touch controller, which allows you to effortlessly move without taking your eyes off your work.


Sit-to-Stand is easy to assemble, has a high-performance motor, durable worksurface and has obstruction sensing tech to keep you from mishaps!


Flex height adjustable desks: The Steelcase Flex Collection is a more team oriented line that can be rearranged on demand, creating environments teams and individuals need to do their best work. The height-adjustable desk is stable, yet mobile. Push it close to a teammate to do some paired collaborative work, or move it away to a quiet nook for some individual focus time!


Slim Leg Height Adjustable Desk: The Slim Leg height-adjustable desk, was designed to support a healthy workstation while being aesthetically pleasing. The light and modern aesthetic integrates seamlessly with other Steelcase products including their storage options from Steelcase, from Elective Elements and Currency. Plus, it offers excellent cable management additionally the it can be controlled from the height adjustable app as well as Steelcase Active Touch. That means you can have it all in a workplace that provides plenty of personal storage, powerful brand expression and the wellbeing benefits of height adjustability!


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Get Up & Stand Now | "Shout" Parody | Height Adjustable Desks


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